3D Modelling and Drafting

At Coulter Engineering we provide a comprehensive mechanical engineering computer aided design and simulation service. We use the latest in parametric solid modeling software to produce concepts into three dimensional computer models which in turn can be used to generate production drawings or used for analysis and or to produce photorealistic renderings.

We also provide the following computer aided design services:-

  • Product Design
  • Machinery and Automation Design Solutions
  • Conversions from 2D Paper Drawings to 3D Computer Solid Models
  • File Format Conversions
  • Reverse Engineering Products and Assemblies to Computer Solid Models
  • Engineering Drawing Printing Service


Our computer-aided design simulation services enables us to test your products for defects before they’re built, helping prevent errors early in the design process.

We use powerful Finite Element Analysis software to accurately ascertain the performance of a new machine or product design.

You can use our simulation services to answer questions such as:-

  • Are components strong enough
  • Will moving parts clash or interfere with one another
  • How much weight can a product carry
  • How much will a part deform under specific stresses